-Tupper Lake Triad Description-
The Tupper Lake Triad is a series of three "Family Friendly" mountains
in the immediate Tupper Lake Area.  They offer outstanding views for
a minimal amount of effort.  All the mountains are summited via
DEC State maintained trails. 

Upon successful completion of the 3 climbs an individual may
submit a completed form and be registered with a climbing number
and receive a Triad Decal & Patch
There is also a Canine section with a distinctive Patch/Decal   (check Roster)

There are 2 climbing seasons Winter and Spring thru Fall with a patch/decal for each season.


Winter-> Tuesday Dec 20-  2016  to  Monday March 20- 2017

Spring thru Fall-> Tuesday March 21- 2017  to   Wednesday Dec 20- 2017

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