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The Durango-Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad is 45 miles long . It departs from Durango at an elevation of 6520' and arrives at Silverton at an elevation of 9305'. Along the route are views of canyons, rivers, mountains, and countryside.                                                          

 train1.jpg (206768 bytes)


  Durango Station.

train2.JPG (145328 bytes)  Also true the entire trip !!!!!

train3.JPG (176016 bytes)  Open and closed cars, the box car was for hikers gear.

train4.jpg (168856 bytes)  View from the open car.

 train5.jpg (210252 bytes)  The trip generally follows the Animas River.

train6.JPG (182104 bytes)  Our train approaching Silverton.

train7.jpg (133428 bytes)  View from "downtown" Silverton.